the Wild Coast

Here we are back in Santa Cruz – very very happy.

I’m now at eBay working as a Senior Director of Design at the corporate headquarters. Sounds fancy, but I’m not building an empire – currently I’m hand-picking a very small team of interdisciplinary design innovators to make cool stuff as quickly as possible. We look at trends, predict where they’re leading, then build stuff that will be useful in that predicted future, and ideally hasten that future’s arrival. Sometimes this sort of speculative design gives you something that is useful today – but that you might not have found if you hadn’t been daydreaming about the future. This is the latest iteration of a design innovation framework I’ve developed at Apple, MediaX, and Microsoft Research.

Since this blog is intended to be more permanent than previous company-specific blogs, I also get to talk about things that are outside of my current job, like old projects from the past and interesting trends that affect all of us digital creatives.

This new year marks six months since I departed Microsoft and began at eBay. One day one, I began  full immersion in open web standards (especially HTML5 and CSS3) What I’ve learned has been eye-opening; we have reached an inflection point in design expressiveness, providing huge leverage via what is becoming a core design literacy. More to share here soonish.

conference room with multiple temporary workstations and a pretty view of the outdoors

My team currently shares a conference room at eBay. We're about to outgrow it but the view is great and the company is fantastic.

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